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31 Days Til Spring

I thought I would give you guys  a breath of fresh air and hit you with some knowledge!

It is 31 Days until the first day of spring (4 weeks) with summer right around the corner (about 16 weeks til swimsuits!!!)

The next couple of months are crunch time in the fight to be in beach body shape by summer!!!

Have you ever caught yourself saying something like “This year I am going to be in my best shape ever this summer” or “This year I’m going to have abs”

Well, I am here to tell you that it doesn’t just happen. I don’t magically wave my hands on your stomach and “Poof” 6 pack, even though I would love to! It requires planning and hard work NOW to be where you want to be in May June and July.

So what can you do RIGHT NOW that can increase your chances of success this summer???? Read More→